RV Insurance

  • Recreational Vechicle Insurance

    What Motor Home insurance coverage is best for you?

    A Recreational Vehicle is sometimes used as your home away from home while on the road. Or, your RV can sometimes be used as your primary residence. We can help protect you, your belongings and your RV with our portfolio of insurance carriers. We'll show you how you can get the best Recreational Vehicle insurance rate and the protection that will meet your needs.
    RV insurance coverage options include custom equipment, medical payments and towing and labor.
  • Recreational vehicle insurance coverage includes:

    • Collision
    • Property damage
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Uninsured or underinsured drivers
    • Roadside assistance
    • Towing and labor
    • Vacation liability
  • RV insurance discounts

    Start saving on your policy with Tom Collins Insurance Agency motor home insurance discounts with:

    • Association memberships
    • Safety course completion
    • Safety accessories
    • Insuring multiple vehicles, such as cars, boats, motorcycles or ATVs

  • ATV Insurance

    • ATV Insurance

      Insure you can ride with confidence

      Whether you're an expert rider or just a beginner, our all-terrain vehicle (ATV) insurance lets you ride the trails with confidence. Tom Collins Insurance Agency has a full range of coverage options, from basic ATV liability insurance to custom equipment insurance, plus money-saving discounts.
    • ATV insurance discounts

      Start saving on your policy with Tom Collins Insurance Agency insurance discounts for:

      • Completing an approved safety course
      • Being a member of a riding association (more than 25 national associations are eligible)
      • Insuring multiple vehicles with us, including ATVs, motorcycles, and autos
      • Owning your home, condo or townhome
      • Paying your 12-month premium in full
      • Having a professionally-installed radio or GPS theft-recovery device
  • ATV insurance options for you and your ride

    All-terrain vehicle insurance coverage options include:

    • Collision – Damage to your ATV from a collision with another ATV, a rock, a tree or other obstacle
    • Comprehensive – Loss or damage from theft, fire, vandalism or other covered misfortune
    • Property damage – Damage caused to another person's property
    • Bodily injury – Other people's medical expenses, if you're at fault in an accident
    • Uninsured motorist – Damage caused by an uninsured or underinsured rider
  • Protect yourself and your ATV with additional coverage

    Get additional insurance coverage for:

    • Custom equipment you've added to your ATV
    • Medical payments for you and your passengers, regardless of who's at fault in an accident

  • Golf Cart Insurance

    • Golf Cart Insurance


      Driving any vehicle including golf carts without insurance will leave you in a vulnerable position with medical and legal costs if you have an accident. We offer golf cart insurance policies the covers these important aspects for your protection:
    • You may want to consider upgrading to a more comprehensive policy to cover any additional equipment and belongings. You can also consider policies that cover this equipment against fire, theft and damage whether it is in the golf cart, at home or in the locker room at your golf club. Golf cart insurance will protect your vehicle against theft, damage, fire, and will also protect you against any medical or legal costs if you are involved in an accident.

  • Golf Cart Coverages

    • Liability
      Protect yourself legally against liability claims made by a third party that could be the result of an accident involving another person or someone else's property.
    • Medical
      Third parties might file a claim against you for medical costs resulting from an accident. You should also have medical insurance that covers any treatment you may need if injured in your golf cart.
    • Collision
      This coverage provides for accidental damage resulting from collision and policies will normally restrict this coverage to approved areas of use for the golf cart including golf courses, resorts, country clubs and private gated communities.
    • Fire and Theft
      Defray the cost of replacement by protecting your investment by insuring them against re and theft.
    • Additional Coverage
      Basic policies will not cover you for the theft of personal belongings from your golf cart that are not related to golf equipment or personal belongings such as your wallet, handbag or jewelry. A basic policy may not protect you against the theft of accessories and aftermarket add-ons such as solar panels, alloy wheels and trailers.